A Great Loss

Many will remember the stately and beautiful Post Office which Calais was graced for most of the 20th century. It is seen above in 1909 in the final stages of construction.

The Post Office became the centerpiece of a thriving Main Street. Seen here in the 30s, the minaret on the Kalish Block, soon to become the Calais Federal, is partially visible to the far right, to the left is the end of what was know as the Kramer Block, purchased by W.T. Grant in the late 40s to build its new store.

It was demolished in 1985 because, according to the government, repairs and upgrades would be prohibitively expensive. This created a good deal of controversy, given that the Eastport Customs House and Post Office, a near contemporary, remained functional and survives to this day. Whatever the merits of the case for and against demolition, its loss was felt keenly by the community.

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