The St. Croix Historical Society has produced several books in the interest of promoting local history. Most recently, we have begun publishing these books through Amazon. We encourage you to contact us directly for a physical copy of any book if you live locally, or to browse our online selection.

Calais CentennialThis book commemorates one of the biggest events to occur in Calais history – the celebration of its first 100 years as a city. Complete with scores of photographs of floats, participants, and local businesses from the time period, this is a perfect addition to any local history library. Click on the cover below to see the book on Amazon. $11.99.Washington County, Maine in the Civil War: 1861-1865 Written by Dr. Ken Ross of the St. Croix Historical Society, this extensive tome details the participants of the Civil War that called Washington County home – including their letters, their stories, and their ultimate fate. Click below to order from Amazon. $18.00.

Keene on Red Beach: Collecting an anthology of articles from 20th century journalist Fred Keene, this book recounts a pivotal time period in early Red Beach and Calais history. Keene writes with a charming and engaging style that will keep the pages turning. Click below to order. $14.99.

New Brunswick Lad: Dr. Ken Ross lends his pen to this true story of a local character from New Brunswick that found himself on the front lines during World War I. Filled with photos and personal details from his in-depth research and interviews with the subject, this is an exceptional local biography. $15.00.

Stay tuned for more upcoming projects published through Amazon.

Other products:

(Prices include shipping)

Note Cards:          

4 Views of St. Croix Island – (8 cards & envelopes total) – Paintings by Mary Livingstone – $15


Champlain’s Journal – translated from French – $8


Pork, Molasses, and Timber by Eaton – $14

Around Town by Rail – $11

Nellie’s Diary (written by young Nellie Holmes in the 1850s) – $29

The Way We Were 1908 – $19

Calais Fair 1914 – $14 (containing the original program, attractions, and sponsors of the 1914 Calais Fair)

Ned’s Valley (journalist and historian Ned Lamb’s collection of articles on Calais and the St. Croix Valley) – $29

The Valley Cookbook (a collection of some of our favorite traditional down east recipes) – $14

Charlie’s Civil War (by Charles B. Livingstone, tracing the journals of his grandfather) – $24

Picture Books:

In Days Past: Calais 1896 – 52 views – $8

In Days Past: St. Andrews 1896 – 30 views – $8

Old Friends – 49 old area photos – $6 (postcards and pictures from the personal collection of Thomas and Wilma Parks)

Scenes of St. Stephen 1895 – $9

Scenes of Campobello, Eastport, & Lubec 1895 – $10


Red Beach Birdseye view map, 11×17, laminated – $15

Calais, St. Stephen, & Milltown Birdseye view map 1879, 11×17, laminated – $15

Wharfs of Calais & St. Stephen map 1856, 11×17, laminated – $15


Calais First Town Meeting Reenactment – $19

To Order:

Send a written request with the title you would like and a check to:

St. Croix Historical Society

P.O. Box 242

Calais, Maine 04619

 Additional Materials

The St. Croix Historical Society has made several documents available to its members and other organizations such as the Calais Library. The Society has been issuing quarterly newsletters of 8 to 10 pages covering news of Society events and history of local personalities and historic events. We recently had these volumes placed on CD’s together with an index so they can be researched at the Library on their equipment. It is our plan that future issues of the newsletter will be added to this resource.

The Society has made a slide show from both new and historic pictures taking a St. Croix River Trip starting at Calais and ending at Red Beach, across from St. Croix Island. There is a tape accompanying the slides that describes the history of both sides, New Brunswick and Maine, as you travel down river. This is available from the Society on a loan basis.

There is an additional tape devoted to Red Beach, the Plaster Mill, and Granite Works covering 1870 through 1920. This too is on a loan basis.

WALKING TOUR GUIDE TO HISTORIC DISTRICTS – For those who admire the unusual range of architecture often found in seacoast towns we offer a “Walking Tour Brochure” of 2 historic districts on Main Street, available at many stores and all motels in Calais. A short history of each house is included.