One benefit of our modern age is that we’re able to capture and share moments using video recorders. While we don’t have a large amount of historical material, we do have some. Much of it draws from the Lewis family collection of home videos.

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Videos from the Lewis family collection: [Note – the music was added by the DVD production company– the burning of the various buildings was not entirely an “easy jazz” affair].

Take a 1950s fishing trip in Downeast Maine 

Calais Academy Burning, February 2nd, 1945 

Parade in Calais, Maine, 1940s 

Cole Bridges Building Burns in Calais, Maine, early 1940s 

Ice fishing in Eastern Maine in the 1940s 

Icebreaker in Calais, Maine 

Videos of SCHS reenactments:

The first town meeting of Calais, Maine – Reenactment 

Cemetery Tour Performances:


Sherry Sivret as Laura Burns

Jerry LaPointe as James Cochran

Brynne Lander as Gladys Hayes

Al Churchill as William Corthell

Jim Thompson as Frederick Augustus Pike

Lorraine Mitchell as Ina Creamer

Jane Eaton as Lucy Wilder

Shane DelMonaco as Charles Frost


Candace Dwelley as Charlotte Mason and Lura Jackson as Josephine Holmes

Brynne Lander as Frances Duren 

Shane DelMonaco as James Arnold

Jerry LaPointe as Charles Swan (partial)

Jane Eaton as Ruth Clark

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