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  • PUBLICATIONS - The St. Croix Historical Society has made several documents available to its members and other organizations such as the Calais Library. The Society has been issuing quarterly newsletters of 8 to 10 pages covering news of Society events and history of local personalities and historic events. There are now 13 Volumes, 4 issues each volume. We recently had these volumes placed on CD's together with an index so they can be researched at the Library on their equipment. It is our plan that future issues of the newsletter will be added to this resource.

    The Society has made a slide show from both new and historic pictures taking a St. Croix River Trip starting at Calais and ending at Red Beach, across from St. Croix Island. There is a tape accompanying the slides that describes the history of both sides, New Brunswick and Maine, as you travel down river. This is available from the Society on a loan basis.

    There is an additional tape devoted to Red Beach, the Plaster Mill, and Granite Works covering 1870 through 1920. This too is on a loan basis.

  • WALKING TOUR GUIDE TO HISTORIC DISTRICTS - For those who admire the unusual range of architecture often found in seacoast towns we offer a "Walking Tour Brochure" of 2 historic districts on Main Street, available at many stores and all motels in Calais. A short history of each house is included.

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