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In 1997 the United States Coast Guard decided to relinquish ownership of all Maine Lighthouses and award them by competition to non-profit institutions in Maine. This Society applied to the selection committee and was awarded the property, the Coast Guard to maintain the flashing green light. In January 1999 a quick claim deed was received from the Coast Guard transferring the property to the St. Croix Historical Society. We do not own the keepers house and that is privately occupied. However, we do have an access right of way across the keepers property so that the public can view the lighthouse tower on the edge of the St. Croix River.

In 1892 the Coast Guard arranged to have a local mill operator, Mr. Whitlock, place a red lighted lantern on a post at this "dog leg" in the river because of the heavy traffic at that time. In 1909 the last lighthouse to be built in Maine was erected here, together with a keepers house. It is now a green flashing light known as Whitlock's Light. We have been in touch with descendants of the Mr. Whitlock and they are helping us with the history of the family, to be put into a history of the lighthouse, for publication and sale. The light is located about 3 miles east of Calais on Route #1. It had a 4th order lens, 29 feet above high water mark. The tower is white tile lined to the 25' red brick tower, now painted white.

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